We Buy Houses FAQ'S

Q: I'm confused?  Are you helping me sell my house or are you buying it? 
A: We're not real estate agents, so we're not interested in listing homes or helping you sell it.  Rather, assuming that your home fits our criteria, we want to buy it.  

Q: Will I get a fair price for my home? 
A: To operate, we need to close quickly and close with cash.  For this reason, we don't engage in bidding wars and we expect to pay lower than market value.  However, we can frequently negotiate with your bank so that all parties come out on top. 

Q: What factors do you consider when making me an offer on my home?
A: We generally consider the same things a home appraiser would: value of comparable properties, location, needed repairs, over all condition, etc. During the process, we like to keep homeowners as involved as possible, so you feel comfortable with what is happening. 

Q: Do you charge me any fees or commissions like a real estate agent would?
A: None at all, period.  Our offer is designed to fully cover our cost of buying your home, fixing it up, and selling it.  Frequently, we'll even pay your closing costs.  

Q: I'm still confused how you're different from a real estate agent? 
A: A real estate agent is someone you hire to sell your house.  To do this, they will put your home on the MLS, arrange showings, and maybe even help you with simple staging.  However, all of this takes time.  Selling a home with a real estate agent frequently takes upwards of 6-12 months in today's market.  Once your home sells, an agent will charge you a commission of 3 -6% of the sales price.  We, on the other hand, make you an offer and pay cash right away.  Upon closing, you won't be paying us any fees either. 

Q: I want to get a quote on my property.  Am I committed once I submit my information?
A: Not at all.  We'll be happy to go over the details of your property and make you an offer.  Afterwards, you can either accept or tell us "no thank-you." Either way, you're the one in control.